“Blinkers on and just do it” – Kees Verkade

When making a portrait, I do not think much about the free interpretation of an artist. A portrait should just look alike. Therefore, ” No nonsense” and “What you see, is what you’ll get” applies to me.

I make ‘free’ work as well as commissioned portraits of people and animals. My work can be characterized as realistic figurative with its own signature and emotion.

From artist Vincent de Kievit I have acquired a bronze statue of a kingfisher (no, no kievit). The natural look of the kingfisher and the beautiful blue color were like love at first sight. Personally, I am a lover of nature and I immediately saw this image as an asset to life. Besides, I got to know Vincent better through our work relationship. A modest artist who, in my view, makes beautiful things that deserve a bigger audience. He did not want his name in large or even lowercase letters on the image. This truly does him honor and even though his name is not shown on the statue, I always see a signature of Vincent in it. Apart from the beauty of the statue itself, I am glad to know Vincent and that, when looking at the statue, I always get a positive feeling about the Kievit behind the kingfisher. I hope that many people can and may enjoy your creations.

Peter Hakvoort

Since my sister loves bronze statues and sculptures I bought her a little owl as a present for her wedding day. Another important reason for this purchase was that you make beautiful and unique pieces with beautiful detailing which clearly shows the difference between a large-scale product. The fact that it is a unique item makes it special and interesting.


I had the privilege to be able to see a kingfisher almost daily for a while that always landed in a tree before our house by the water side. What a beautiful, colorful and resourceful bird. All of this, I see when I look at Vincent’s kingfisher. He caught in bronze what I saw and felt.

Gerrie Reeves

What attracted me to your sculptures/statues is the emotion that comes from it. In other words, they touch me. This probably also causes me to enjoy it every day.



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